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Another very deadly day in Iraq

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Carnage continues:

A wave of bomb attacks and shootings swept Iraq Sunday, killing dozens of people despite a massive security operation in the capital and appeals from Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for an end to sectarian fighting.
But don't worry. The Iraqi PM has adopted the Bush talking points. Everything is fine:
And yet, in remarks closely following similarly upbeat statements by American military officials in Baghdad, the prime minister also sought to lend optimism to his government’s efforts to bring security to Baghdad and other violent parts of the country, and to rule out the possibility of civil war.

“We are not in a civil war. Iraq will never be in a civil war,” Mr. Maliki said, through an interpreter, in an interview with CNN on Sunday. “The violence is in decrease, and our security ability is increasing.”

Mr. Maliki’s statement stood in contrast to a far bleaker assessment he made in a speech to Parliament on July 12, when he said the country had one “last chance” to eliminate the sectarian and insurgent attacks destabilizing the country, and warned lawmakers that “if that fails — God forbid — I don’t know what will be Iraq’s fate.”
Now the Iraqi Prime Minister is trying to spin his way out of this crisis, just like Bush.

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