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The Allen campaign just keeps making the Macaca story worse

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The Allen campaign has come up with another very tortured explanation for the "Macaca" scandal. Apparently, in their world, calling Mr. Sidarth a "shithead" is somehow acceptable. Seriously, that's their explanation. They're claiming that Allen meant to call the guy "a shithead."

Makes this whole thing even more suspicious, considering shithead doesn't sound a lot like macaca - yet a French slur for dark-skinned north Africans sounds exactly like macaca, and George Allen speaks French and his mom was a white French citizen from north Africa. Gee what a coincidence.

As for Allen's "apology," he didn't apologize to Sidarth at all, he told a reporter he was sorry. And he didn't even say he was sorry - he gave one of those politician apologizes where you say you're if the other guy was offended for misunderstanding you. Now that's the Christian way.

This entire affair calls into question whether George Allen has what it takes to be a US Senator, let along a serious presidential candidate. Not to mention, don't his evangelical supporters frown on this kind of talk?

What will tomorrow's explanation be?

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