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"Yo Blair!" comes to DC, still searching for his dignity

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Must really sting being the leader of a great nation and still playing second fiddle to Condi, who has such a powerful record of success in international affairs. That "special relationship" that everyone loves talking about is only special in that Blair gets invited to the Bush ranch while others are denied that impressive honor. Wow. I love the Blair apologist interviewed in this AFP article who has to stretch all of the way back to Kosovo to find an example of it not being a one-sided relationship. And since Bush?

Uh guys, that was during Clinton and Clinton has been gone for a while. Help me out here, but I can't think of an example of where Blair had any meaningful positive impact on Bush's policies. I would argue the opposite, that without The Poodle going along with the neocon strategy of invading Iraq, Bush probably would have not gone it alone because those 50 troops from Tonga and Mongolia might not have been enough to give Bush enough confidence to invade. Since Bush and Blair have connected, Blair has submitted on the major issues and has been an enabler. Woof, woof. Come get your Beggin' Strips, Tony.

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