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WTO trade talks dead in the water until at least 2008

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Typical. Everyone is pointing the finger at each other but there's so much blame to go around in this never ending fight to protect special interests and clear desire to avoid competition that would help poor nations develop and pull themselves out of poverty. Despite Americans complaining about the need for poor countries to apply free market trade and help themselves improve their economic situation and despite Europe talking about helping these countries, it's once again bullshit and lies for good PR. (Think neocolonial fishing deals in Africa.)

Let's not kid ourselves with this latest failure and its implications. The top economies of the world obviously prefer this situation and of course they will continue their same old lines in the future but make no mistake, they don't want change. The "free market" talk is just talk. Hell, just look at the so-called free market in the US and how absolutely false and rigged for special interests it is. To even use the phrase "free market" is fraudulent and a sad joke.

Well, I guess everyone can now get back to complaining about those poor nations who just can't go it alone and who always want money and rich countries will write more checks for aid and then keep complaining. Like it or not, we're stuck with this situation until at least after the next presidential election.

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