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"Waiting to get blown up"

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US troops speak out about Iraq, and they're not happy:

"It sucks. Honestly, it just feels like we're driving around waiting to get blown up. That's the most honest answer I could give you," said Spec. Tim Ivey, 28, of San Antonio, a muscular former backup fullback for Baylor University....

Spec. Joshua Steffey, 24, of Asheville, N.C... said he wished "somebody would explain to us, 'Hey, this is what we're working for.' " With a stream of expletives, he said he could not care less "if Iraq's free" or "if they're a democracy."
Just remember. You're there because George Bush lied to the country and now is putting his ego above your well-being and the mission. He won't withdraw you, no matter how bad things get, no matter how lost the mission really is, because that would mean admitting a mistake. So, some of you will die - a lot of you will die - to save George Bush's face.

This is what you get when you vote Republican.

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