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Senator Harry Reid is victim of identity theft

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Huh. Gosh, do you think privacy might actually be a good issue for Democrats to jump on? Oh that's right, I've been saying this for a good ten months. Silly me.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid discovered this week he was the victim of identity theft after someone used his MasterCard number to charge about $2,000 at a Wal-Mart and other stores in Monroe, North Carolina.

The Nevada Democrat said he found out someone had obtained the number after opening his bill Tuesday night.
There's a part of me that thinks the Democrats don't even deserve to take back Washington. Short of Iraq, there is NO other issue that I can think of that keeps popping into the news with weekly tragedies other than privacy. And the issue, privacy, affects so many issues that progressives care about, from contraception to abortion to gay rights to domestic spying to your tax returns and medical records. This is a perfect issue to stealthily forward a progressive agenda and overtly address the real needs of every single American. It's a no brainer. Or so you'd think. The Democratic party and its leadership are nowhere to be found on this issue.

If they can't seize on political manna from heaven when it drops in their lap twice a week for ten months, then seriously, what good are they?


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