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Scarlet Letter Steele says he was only joking

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Yesterday, in a Washington Post article, we learned that a "GOP Senate Candidate" identified later as Michael Steele was bashing Bush and the GOP. Today, we learn that he was only kidding:

Republican Senate candidate Michael Steele on Wednesday called President Bush his "homeboy," reversed course on having the president campaign for him and said he was joking when he described his Republican affiliation as a scarlet letter.

The Maryland lieutenant governor, under fire for his comments, told WBAL radio that his remarks were supposed to be off the record with a handful of reporters. Instead, Steele's campaign confirmed Tuesday that he was the unnamed Senate candidate who had assailed the Bush administration and Republican-controlled Congress in a story in The Washington Post.

"I've been quoted as calling the president my homeboy, you know. And that's how I feel. ... It's a term of affection and respect for his leadership of our country in a difficult time," Steele, who is black, said in the radio interview.
Let's see. What makes more sense? Telling the truth when one is hiding behind the cloak of "off the record" or telling the truth after you've busted.

Steele, like the rest of his GOP colleagues, can't be trusted.

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