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Round up of the morning papers

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  • At least 23 killed in ambush near Baghdad, Wash Post.
  • More corruption from GOP House Appropriations chair, Jerry Lewis, Wash Post.
  • Millions of American men are turning down jobs that they think are beneath them. Give me a break, NYT.
  • GOP Governor Mitt Romney talks about "tar babies." Romney/Gibson '08? Boston Globe.
  • Rave reviews for Dixie Chicks concert tour, Boston Globe.
  • Baghdad gunmen kidnap 25 people. BBC.
  • Karl Rove talks about the "corrosive role" journalists play in politics, then screams "psyche!" NYT.
  • Disney and ABC plan to go ahead and let Mel Gibson make a TV miniseries about the Holocaust. Working title: "The fucking Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." LA Times.

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