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Prediction: There will be NO minimum wage increase this year

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The House Republicans are going to great pains to make sure that the minimum wage increase never gets signed in to law. It's so disgusting. The same crowd that has given themselves $31,600 in raises over the past few years, still wants Americans to make $5.15 an hour.

There will probably be a vote later today on the minimum wage in the House, BUT, and this is a major BUT, it's designed to lose. They'll attach poison pills language in the House to ruin the substance of the bill and they'll make sure that whatever passes will die in the Senate. They're such brilliant strategists when it comes to screwing the poor.

Their latest gimmick is to tie the minimum wage to the Paris Hilton tax cut. Not kidding.

Can't bring gas prices down. Can't even begin to address the Iraq disaster. Can't shrink the deficit. But, screw the minimum wage while giving a HUGE tax break to Paris Hilton, they're all over it.

So, the GOP has a "stay the course" mindset on the minimum wage, too. Why not? Only 85% of Americans support the increase.

Interesting coincidence. Oprah's show today is about living on the minimum wage. Members of Congress need to try it. They wouldn't last a day.

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