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NH Phone Jammer: The White House made me do it

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This scandal just keeps getting closer and closer to the White House political team which was run by Ken Mehlman. Via the Senate Majority Project:

According to a recent court filing, indicted phone jammer Shaun Hansen may offer an affirmative defense at his upcoming fall trial, arguing that the phone jamming scheme which his company carried out had the seal of approval of both the Republican National Committee and the White House.

Apparently, Hansen's defense strategy is not going to focus on whether or not he jammed Democratic phone lines on Election Day in 2002. Rather, his defense strategy will be to persuade a jury that he may have been persuaded not just that the phone jamming was legal, but that he would be carrying out the scheme on behalf of the United States government.
Unlike another defendant in this scandal, Mr. Hansen's legal expenses are not being paid by the RNC. But, seems like he is going to make them pay.

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