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Is GOP Senator George Allen the guy running from his own Republican label?

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The DSCC thinks so. And let me just add, it was George Allen who told me once that he loves French Vanilla coffee. Note the reference to "French cuffs" below. Someone has rather coquette tastes.


Does Allen Think Bush Is A Political Albatross?

Today’s Washington Post features a column about a mystery Republican Senate candidate – who lacked the courage to be identified by name – speaking critically of George Bush and the GOP. From the way this candidate was described, it sounds like it could have been George Allen – someone who is in a tight Senate race and who agrees with Bush over 95% of the time. Even if it wasn’t Allen, though, does Allen agree with Mr. Anonymous?

CLUE: The candidate is “immersed in one of the most competitive Senate races in the country.”
REALITY: Allen has been called “weaker than he ever has been” in his Senate race this year, and his opponent Jim Webb has been called his “worst nightmare.”

CLUE: The candidate stayed off the record “to avoid a public brawl with the White House.”
REALITY: Allen says he supports Bush “when he is right,” which must be 97 percent of the time, because that is how often Allen votes with him.

CLUE: The candidate allowed that he opposes a pullout from Iraq, agrees with Bush's veto of human embryonic stem cell research, and supports constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage and flag burning.
REALITY: Allen thinks everything is fine in Iraq, opposes stem cell research, and backs the constitutional amendments.

CLUE: The candidate “hit Bush from the right, such as when he opposed Bush's proposed guest-worker program for immigrants.”
REALITY: Allen voted against the Senate’s immigration reform bill, and accused Bush of making a “straw man argument” on immigration.

CLUE: The candidate wore “a monogrammed shirt, French cuffs sprouting cuff links coordinated with his necktie.”
REALITY: With cowboy boots? Well they do dress funny in California. (Allen’s birthplace)
They dress even funnier in San Francisco.

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