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House GOP may allow vote on min. wage -- with poison pills, of course

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The question is how much the GOP will do to screw up the vote:

“American workers deserve a fair vote on a minimum wage increase, not a vote on a bill that’s larded up with harmful provisions,” said Representative George Miller of California, the senior Democrat on the Committee on Education and the Workforce.

Lawmakers and senior officials said the details of the proposal were still being developed. Members of the leadership said they expected that the plan would be to raise the pay scale gradually, reaching at least $7.25 an hour over about two years.

Others suggested that the legislation could also be tied to a Republican proposal to create small-business health plans, which they say could decrease the costs of health insurance for small employers.
Word from the Hill is that the GOP will definitely offer several poison pills to undermine the legislation. The Republicans spend a lot and energy screwing over the poor. Someone should suggest legislation that members of Congress make the minimum wage.

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