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GOP to pass pro-gambling bill this week that gives Jack Abramoff what he's been lobbying for

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How much more corrupt can the Republicans get than still trying to pass legislation for Jack Abramoff after the guy is already going to jail.

Why is Congress Playing Favorites on Internet Gaming Ban?

Support Berkley/Conyers/Wexler Amendment to Eliminate Hypocritical Horseracing and State Lottery Exemptions

Dear Colleague:

When the House considers the poorly-named Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act tomorrow, I will offer an amendment to eliminate the special exemptions contained in the bill. Regardless of your position on the issue, there is no reason for Congress to pick and choose which types of gaming should be exempted from what is being described as a ban on Internet gaming.

The bill's advocates proclaim the immorality of online gaming and shout that it will destroy our society - unless you are betting on horse races. They assert that the bill is neutral on the subject of interstate online pari-mutuel betting. But there is no getting around the fact that this bill very clearly and specifically states that online betting on horseracing is not prohibited.

The bill also includes another hypocritical exemption - for intrastate lotteries. This is highly ironic because this exemption is exactly what the notorious felon Jack Abramoff wanted when he reportedly orchestrated the defeat of a similar bill several years ago because it had no exemption for lotteries. Mr. Abramoff must be smiling about this turn of events.

My amendment would strike the horseracing and lottery exemptions from the bill. Members who say they oppose Internet gaming have a chance to prove it by supporting my amendment. Otherwise, this entire debate is a farce, because the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act before us does not completely prohibit Internet gambling.

Support the Berkley/Conyers/Wexler amendment.



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