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Gay-hating neighbor gets hers in court

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And I can't wait for the fundies to freak out over this one. They'll scream First Amendment and how the Bible will now be outlawed (and I'd love to have them explain to us, under oath, where the Bible directs us to threaten and harass people with AIDS in their own homes). Then let them defend these kind of actions as they would pertain to someone who is black or Latino, since, after all, it's "protected" speech. Physically threatening them, and basically trying to drive them from their home because of their race. There wouldn't even be anything to discuss.

The court did a great job here, and the fundies are again showing their true colors. Mark my words, the national religious right groups WILL jump on this case and defend the AIDS-hating bigot, and then, again, we'll know the true color of their character.

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