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Dump Condi, conservatives reportedly telling Bush

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Poor Condi. Yet another bright career on the verge of being destroyed by Team Bush. I particularly like the swipe at Colin Powell never being loyal to Bush.

Conservative national security allies of President Bush are in revolt against Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, saying that she is incompetent and has reversed the administration's national security and foreign policy agenda.

The conservatives, who include Newt Gingrich, Richard Perle and leading current and former members of the Pentagon and National Security Council, have urged the president to transfer Miss Rice out of the State Department and to an advisory role. They said Miss Rice, stemming from her lack of understanding of the Middle East, has misled the president on Iran and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

"The president has yet to understand that people make policy and not the other way around," a senior national security policy analyst said. "Unlike [former Secretary of State Colin] Powell, Condi is loyal to the president. She is just incompetent on most foreign policy issues."
Miss Rice? Try Dr. Rice. I can't prove it, but I suspect we may have a little case of black-itis going on amongst the conservatives. God forbid the party even consider putting a single (why is that?) black woman at the head of its presidential ticket in 2008. They're looking to take down Condi now. It's also possible that they're looking for a scapegoat for all of Bush's foreign policy disasters. Better to blame the "black chick," the conservatives are thinking, than have Bush's failures be ascribed to the Republican party at large.

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