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Will does his part to over-hype al-Zarqawi

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Why give the guy so much credit and power? A brutal killer, sure, but Will is going overboard and really playing up the WH/Pentagon hype to a level I didn't even think was possible. Sheesh, I hope that your check is in the mail from the Pentagon PR office. With the massive bombardment of pro-war PR going on right now, I guess he felt he had to be more outrageous then others. Compared to the AP headline of "Attacks dip after Iraqi security operation" this certainly takes poll position in the race to prop up the failed policies of Bush.

To understand the diabolical genius of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, that pornographer of violence, begin with this:

He was a primitive who understood the wired world and used an emblem of modernity, the Internet, to luxuriate in gore. But although he may have had an almost erotic enjoyment of the gore, it was also in the service of an audacious plan. And he executed it with such brutal efficiency that he became, arguably, the most effective terrorist in history.

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