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What Markos says

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Apparently some people were upset that Mark Warner (aspiring presidential candidate) spent money on a party at the YearlyKos conference. How much did that party cost - they asked - how many starving children in India could it have saved? (Okay, they didn't ask about India, but you get the picture.)

Here is Markos' response:

Here's what pisses me off -- there are people who complain when candidates and politicians diss the netroots. Then, when they pay attention to us, they complain some more.
My take:
  • First off, you know I'm not a big fan of the money-hating-left.
  • Second of all, Markos is correct: Don't whine about being ignored, THEN whine about being the object of affection.
  • Third, personally I was a bit Warnered-out by the end of the conference - he did kind of go a bit wild on the publicity. But that's not a money-is-bad issue, that's just a enough-of-Mark-Warner-I-get-it-already issue.
  • Fourth, some people are never happy.
  • Fifth, someone is always going to be unhappy, so sometimes you just have to say "whatever."
  • Sixth, just because someone complains doesn't make them right.
  • And seventh, just because someone complains loudly doesn't make them representative of anyone more than themselves.
In any case, I'm glad Markos is done with his book tour. Now I don't have to be the only bitch of the blogosphere anymore.

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