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Specter claims (again) he's going to get tough on domestic spying

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How many times can Specter cry wolf? It sure gets Arlen on the Sunday shows, but as soon as someone from the White House barks at him, Specter always backs off:

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman says he's prepared to force telephone company executives to testify about the White House's eavesdropping program if the Bush administration doesn't fully cooperate in drafting new rules on what's allowable.

"If we don't get some results, I'm prepared to go back to demand hearings and issue subpoenas if necessary," Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said Sunday on CNN's "Late Edition."
Results? Who is he kidding? And for all his tough talk, believe it when you actually see the hearings and the subpoenas.

Prediction. That will never happen:
Specter said he was more hopeful, after talking Thursday with Vice president Dick Cheney, that committee hearings and subpoenas could be avoided.
Cheney growls. The White House offers a meaningless compromise. Arlen accepts and runs away with his tail between his legs. (After he gets some face time on the talk shows.)

The White House plays Specter for the fool that he is.

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