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Really just a campaign event

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Bush is milking his most recent campaign event. Doing a press conference from the Rose Garden at 9:45 am. On CNN, John King is gushing over's gross.

We all know -- even most reporters in the traditional media know -- that the Bush administration has been a disaster on every front, including Iraq. They haven't had a policy, they just spin. We have seen that they can't and don't do government, but they can do politics. The GOP is worried about Iraq now because they're worried about the elections. The campaign season is gearing up, so the Bush team is getting their game on:

It was powerful political theater, choreographed by an experienced team that played up the drama and secrecy of the moment, and were rewarded with a day of relatively unfiltered cable news coverage. The trip, including a stealthy nighttime helicopter departure from Camp David, unfolded with the precision of a campaign event, complete with the image of the commander in chief addressing cheering American troops.
Haven't we seen the commander in chief address cheering American troops in an equally dramatic campaign event?

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