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Please ignore the 25 gangland executions in Iraq

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Just because 25 Iraqis were executed, pay no attention and instead, please put your focus on the recycled-for-political-emergency troop withdrawal which is dutifully being churned out by the big brass, decisive finger pointing and supportive glances from Rummy included this time just for extra emphasis for you lefty doubters out there. (Damn I admire that man.) No, those 25 murdered Iraqis (or thousands or tens of thousands for that matter) really don't compare to the latest campaign of fear and home based terror. (It seemed to be like a "military boot camp" for god's sake! We all know those firm statements from this team means a lot. A lot, a lot, really.)

So let's all just ignore the continuing problems in Iraq and settle in again for the fear show. Dead Iraqis, dead Americans, failed reconstruction projects, you name it, they just don't matter and will only distract us all from the faithful program of terrifying the hell out of America with trumped up charges and giving us that little carrot of troop reductions that we know mean nothing. C'mon, forget about thinking and just live it. These people are experts and only they can protect us. Remember?

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