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Murtha wants to be Dem's Majority Leader

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If the Democrats win the House back, John Murtha is preparing to run for Majority Leader. This marks a significant challenge to the status quo leadership of Steny Hoyer:

Until now, it was presumed Democratic House Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland would move up from his position when California Rep. Nancy Pelosi became the new speaker. But Murtha's interest in the majority leader seat could change that scenario.

"Murtha has always been a darling of the more conservative members of the caucus, but his recent leadership of the anti-war movement has won him wide praise among more liberal members as well," someone close to the deliberations told ABC News.

While Murtha's gambit is a direct challenge to Hoyer, many Democrats believe the Pennsylvannia congressman would be a candidate for minority leader if the Democrats don't take over the House in midterm elections.
This will be very interesting.

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