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Chinese activist paralyzed by thugs

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I guess we just don't understand China's democratic model, where outspoken critics are thrown in jail or beaten to a pulp just because they are annoying and dare to ask questions. Fu Xiancai was not arguing against the construction of the damn, but only for compensation for those who were forced to move because of it. I guess after handing out all of the bribes there just wasn't enough left to go around for the poor.

Last Thursday, Mr Fu was called to meet Wang Xiankui, of the Public Security Bureau in Zigui county in Hubei province, about an interview he gave to German television, Human Rights Watch in China (HRIC) said yesterday.

On his way home, an unknown assailant struck him from behind with a heavy object and left him unconscious on the side of the road. The blow was so hard it fractured his neck. He has lost control of all bodily functions except his ability to speak. He has been moved to hospital in Yichang, the main city near the Three Gorges Dam, and his family are struggling to find the £5,400 needed for his medical bills. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said it had no knowledge of the case.

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