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Can you hear this?

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ANOTHER UPDATE: Oooh, another sound you can test. This is the "mosquito" sound that some stores use to drive loitering kids away. Click and see if you can hear the sound, or simply the ambient noise outside the store. (Hat tip: The Sneeze blog, and good ole Dave.)

UPDATE: I'm bumping this thread since it seems to have caught folks' interest. Interestingly, a LOT of you can hear this, even the "older" folks. I of course can't, or can only barely hear it. Joe hears it very slightly. You?

They've developed a cell phone ring tone that adults generally can't hear, but kids can.

Click this and listen - I can't hear a thing. Can you? Post your experience in the comments, and if you feel comfortable so doing, let us know your age.

Okay, this is interesting. If I put my ear close to the speaker and sway my head a bit back and forth (left to right), I can barely hear a VERY high pitched sound. Anybody else?

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