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Gonzales reiterates intent to prosecute reporters as spies

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The Attorney General yesterday repeated the Bush administration's intention to prosecute reporters as spies:

Though he did not name the statutes that might allow such prosecutions, Mr. Gonzales was apparently referring to espionage laws that in some circumstances forbid the possession and publication of information concerning the national defense, government codes and "communications intelligence activities."
Obviously, they intend to stifle the free press in America. It's really quite amazing because the traditional media has been overly kind and deferential to Bush and his cronies. But in Bush world, there is no room for criticism. Exposing unconstitutional behavior by the Bush team can result in criminal charges--and not just your run of the mill charges--they're talking espionage. It's so Soviet.

By the way, Alberto, your boss gave away a national security secret last week. He told the world (including "the terrorists") that our borders aren't secure.

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