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Gay-obsessed GOP holds anti-gay hearing in Capitol closet

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The GOP has a gay obsession...they can't stop talking about gays and lesbians. Imagine if they channeled their obsession in to something that Americans really cared about, like, gas prices.

It's weirdly fitting that the Senate Judiciary Committee held what amounts to a closeted hearing on the anti-gay constitutional amendment today:

Democrats complained that bringing up the amendment is a purely political move designed to appeal to the GOP's conservative base in this year of midterm elections. Under the domed ceiling of the ornate and historic President's Room off the Senate floor, senators voted 10-8 to send the measure forward.

Among Feingold's objections was Specter's decision to hold the vote in the President's Room, where access by the general public is restricted, instead of in the panel's usual home in the Dirksen Senate Office Building.
Feingold blasted Specter today at the hearing. And, Specter deserved it. He's not our friend.

Bill Frist can't wait to talk about gays on the Senate floor. It's for either political or prurient reasons. Probably both.

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