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Does Mary Cheney think Ann Marie Hauser of the RNC is a son-of-a-bitch slime who should go fuck herself?

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Come on, Mary. You're supposedly going on Larry King Live tonight, you've got all the press paying attention to your every word, the chance to finally prove yourself is here - so when are we going to hear you tell the Republican party to stop gay-baiting?

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Spokeswoman Ann Marie Hauser of the Republican National Committee issued this statement:

"Senator Feingold's rhetoric continues to represent the interests of Howard Dean and, and completely rejects the most basic values of Wisconsin families. It is almost laughable that Feingold believes retreating from Iraq is a 'practical' strategy to win the war on terror. Wisconsin's junior senator appears to be trading the support of voters in Milwaukee and Green Bay for those in Boston and San Francisco."
Boston and San Francisco? I think a lot of the queens at the highest levels of the RNC and the White House and George Allen's office and Jim Inhofe's office and Elizabeth Dole's office and Wayne Allard's office and John Bolton's office, to say the least, would beg to differ with you painting Boston and San Francisco as the gayest cities in the land. Just open your door, Ann Marie, and take a walk down the hall. If you're really that hard up to bash a fag, just throw a stone.

As for Mary Cheney, it's time someone asked her if Ann Marie Hauser of the RNC is a son of a bitch, slime who should go fuck herself since she's using your sexual orientation for her own partisan politics? That is what Mary called John Kerry and Jon Edwards for supposedly using her sexual orientation for political gain. Or does someone have to pay Mary another million bucks before she holds Republicans to the same standards you hold Democrats?

Speaking of which, it's quite the irony,as we hinted before, that the Republican National Committee, of all places, is gay-baiting. If they had a liquor license, the RNC would be the biggest gay bar in Washington. But hey, I guess those right-wing Christians don't really care if the RNC laughs at them behind their backs. As long as the RNC pretends to be anti-gay in public, then embraces the queers (quite literally) in the hallways of the RNC and Congress (ahem, Senator Allen), the Republican party figures it can have its cake and it eat too.

Apropos of nothing, does Ken Mehlman have a girlfriend yet?

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