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Condoms to be accepted by Vatican?

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That's the rumor that is circulating at the moment. It is only for very specific circumstances but it is certainly a far cry from the report that was delivered just a few years ago which questioned the effectiveness of condoms. Who would have guessed that Benedict XVI was such a radical, dragging the Vatican out of the Dark Ages into the 1950s? The next thing you know he's going to accept the Vatican's responsibility in the pedophilia scandals and quit hiding behind legal loopholes. What a radical.

"We are conducting a very profound scientific, technical and moral study," said the head of the Vatican Council for Health Pastoral Care. The church is expected to give a guarded, provisional blessing to the use of condoms by married couples when one of them suffers from Aids, as a way of protecting the health of the other partner. It is only a technical concession, based on two ancient principles, but, against the background of the stolid refusal by church authorities to countenance even the slightest deviation for more than a generation, it amounts to a revolution.

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