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CNN VIDEO: Gay playwright takes on Jay Leno's anti-gay jokes

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You may recall a few weeks ago I wrote about Jeff Whitty, a gay playwright (the author of Tony award winning "Avenue Q") who wrote a letter to Jay Leno complaining about Leno's penchant for making swishy jokes about gays. Jeff bcc'd the letter to literally 3 friends, and those friends forwarded it on, and the letter literally made its way around the world (I got another copy emailed to me yesterday).

The controversy created by Jeff's letter got him a spot on CNN discussing the episode, and it even prompted a 30 minute phone call to Jeff from Jay Leno (which was very cool of Leno to do).

Anyway, there's finally some video of Jeff's interview on CNN and I think folks ought to see it. Jeff did an amazing job, even before you take into account that he doesn't do a lot of TV (and he does an even better job once you realize that his cab was late to the studio and he got in there with seconds to spare (thus the lack of make-up)).

Anyway, it's a good interview, he handled it really well. Especially since Soledad was being a bit tough on him - then again, she was doing her job, which most journalists nowadays don't do - she was playing devil's advocate to force her interviewee to explain his case. That's a good thing, and the media needs to do more of it, especially to the Bush administration.

And yes, Jeff's even cuter in person (I met him in NY).

You can watch the video here.

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