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The customer reviews of Mary Cheney's book are absolutely priceless

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And by the way, the right-wingers have rated all the positive reviews (and they're obviously fake reviews) with 5 stars. I suggest you all make sure you vote for YOUR favorite reviews. Here are a few samples:

Can I rate it lower than one? Pretty Please??, May 10, 2006
Reviewer: K. Morris (Meriden, CT United States) - See all my reviews
Boy, talk about self-loathing.
I felt like "Why can't I quit you?" echoed though every page.
She says I'm gay, but I have to stick with the ones who brought me even though they hate me for who I am!


Cried tears of joy, May 10, 2006
Reviewer: USApatriot45 "USApatriot45" (El Paso, TX)

This book made me cry. I have never read such a touching lesbian lovestory. Now don't get me wrong, I would never entrust either Mary or her sex partner Heather with one of my young impressionable daugthers. But as a red-blooded male, I found the novel titillating and stimulating. I would prefer if they left out the pictures of her (hair too short and too severe looking) so I could fantasize about a more shapely woman. I recommend the book as #1 on my list for men into dating woman from this lifestyle choice.


I went to sleep and woke up with a headache, May 10, 2006
Reviewer: GOPheroe "GOPheroe" (Butte, Montana) - See all my reviews
Seriously, is Mary Cheney auditioning as an advocate for petty backstabbers or what? I consider myself a middle-of-the-road Republican, but HELLO? Miss(?) Cheney comes across as a petty bully jealous of a man's superior upper body musculuture. After the first chapter I wanted to say: "Give me a break Mary. Men and woman were created differently for a reason. No matter how hard you try, you won't have the biceps of a man".

The vicious tone of her contant lesbian diatribe just grated on me more and more. Now before you call me a homophobe, let me assure you I have nothing against that kind. I just can't stand people like Mary who write as if they are so much better than other Republcans. And she seems to hold grudges as if she were a tomboy in a catfight over another little girl. Let me suffice it to say, after reading this garbage, I think everyone will agree that Mary is not parenthood material. Any child under her influence would be too mean-spirited. I can't help but wonder what made this priveleged little girl so angry at the world. She is far from being a role model except for militant (aka vicious) activists. Rosie Odonnel has nothing on this witch.


Too many character flaws (a tedious read), May 10, 2006
Reviewer: Pam Crandall "Kathryn Davis" (Houston, TX) - See all my reviews
I tried as hard as I could to like this little girl's book. I voted for Bush twice and I wholeheartedly respect the Cheney's family values and Bush's critical war on Islam. But I couldn't get around the fact that this book seems like it was written by a junior high school student, and an average one at that. I have worked in the book industry for many years and heard stories that this was a rush job for a quick buck. Unfortunately it shows.

Again, I have nothing against those who are flamboyant about their lifestyle like the Cheney girl or the Gingrich child. My only gripe is that people don't really want to hear about her tomboy exploits and why she is attracted to other masculine woman.

If you are a traditional or family-values Republican, this book is definitely not for you. If you are a homosexual activist like Mary or Elton John or Kenneth Mehlman, then I would suspect you might get some kind of thrill out of this tripe. The bottom line is that Mary seems to have little to say about substantive issues, and mostly focuses on personal grudges and settling scores with her enemies. I tend to think of my fellow Christians as generous and loving, and not as trivial and malicious as Mary portrays them. Mary, just because as Bush said regarding your lifestyle choice: "We are all sinners", you have to realize that we just hate your sinful choices, not you as a person.

The reality is that it is just to hard to reconcile that Mary has embraced her sinful lifestyle choice and mentions nowhere in the book that she has repented or even attempted ex-gay therapy. That seems really hypocritical if she is still trying to keep her reputation as an active homosexual activist, and yet a true Republican at the same time. As anyone can tell you, they don't mix. Until she admits in writing that thousands have been freed from her lifestyle choice, then her advocacy of the homosexual lifestyle is just a spit in the face of heroes like Phyllis Schlaffley and Louis Sheldon.


239 Pages?, May 9, 2006
Reviewer: Hedda Dicke (BFE, USA) - See all my reviews
Mary Cheney could've covered the same material in a twenty-five page, double-spaced term paper for a high school English Composition class. There was really no need for her to try to restate everything in as many different ways as her fertile mind would allow.

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