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Smoking bans spreading across US

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Who would have guessed that even small towns in the south are instituting smoking bans? What a pleasant surprise and I wish that the spineless government in France would have followed through with it's no-smoking program instead of cowering to the 25% who smoke. On Friday night while trying to enjoy a simple dinner out, two guys at the table next to us chain smoked and even holding their cigarette hand about six inches away from us. Smokers have set themselves up for the grassroots movements around the world and have only their own behavior to blame for the bans.

Of course, my smoking experience just barely overshadowed the amusing situation earlier that evening while waiting to get in. Two women in front of us who were chatting up some guy in line start blabbing on about the one being a Fox News anchor. Then when the elderly gentleman asks about the news station, she told him that she liked it because "it was more fair." Oh dear... The next time I'm back over I will have to watch and see just "how fair" the local affiliate is.

Anyway, great news on the smoking bans and send us some help over here!

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