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A little benzene with your soda?

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Last week the FDA issued a report about benzene levels in soft drinks, essentially telling Americans that everything was fine despite benzene appearing in drinks. Now the FDA is changing their story, admitting that benzene levels are found in soft drinks at much higher rates than normal tap water, but not to worry.

Why not worry and how can they make such a claim? Well, because they say so. The FDA is refusing to turn over the results of the recent study, which contradict other data already available that shows benzene levels are a problem. The FDA is such a sad, pathetic shell of its former self thanks to the GOP who gutted it and left it as a tool of industry.

The Environmental Working Group has accused the FDA of suppressing information about benzene in soft drinks.

"If they're so confident the situation is not a safety risk, they need to release the data to prove it," said Richard Wiles, the group's senior vice president. "The only data available to the public contradict their claim."

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