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The Hill: Liberal blogs are "better developed than their Republican counterparts"

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Sad but true :-)

The stakes with blogs are a bit higher for Democrats than they are for Republicans. The liberal blogosphere is better developed than its conservative counterpart. Liberal blogs often provide volunteers or campaign contributions to campaigns. And liberal blogs offer an outlet for Democrats when the traditional media have until recently paid them little heed.

For the party out of power, the blogs are akin to conservatives’ dominance of talk radio and direct mail in the late ’70s, Cornfield said.

Conservative direct-mail whiz Richard Viguerie “was the Daily Kos of his day,” Cornfield said.
Actually, this is a pretty good article. The only small quibble I have is with the reporter's discussion of the DailyKos poll showing Nancy Pelosi at 19% approval among Kos readers.

The reporter seems, to me at least, to intimate that the DailyKos readership is even more liberal than Nancy Pelosi. Whether or not that's what the writer meant, I could understand how someone could make that mistake. At first blush, you might say "yeah, I mean wow, even the San Francisco lady isn't liberal enough for the Kossacks."

But then you need only look at how Harry Reid, the pro-life white guy did. You'd think if the woman from San Francisco did bad, the pro-life male would do a lot worse.

But not true. Harry Reid got a 50% approval rating from the DailyKos readers. And it's obviously not because Harry Reid is some flaming lefty.

My point is to educate folks out there about who the blogs and our readers really are. We are from many walks of life and have a wide variety of political views, but we are united in our frustration, anger, and contempt for George Bush's failed presidency. We have quite simply had enough.

And that doesn't make us more liberal than Nancy Pelosi. It makes us 60% of the American people.

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