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GOP launches new attack ad that actually makes Feingold look pretty good

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Hell, they put Feingold up, wrap him in Al Gore (which for Democrats and Independents is probably not a bad thing), also compare him to Senator Durbin of Illinois and Senator Reid (again, Democrats who are hardly left-wing, are well-liked by Democrats, and whom independents would probably like as well), and then, the best part, they compare all of these guys WITH BUSH! LOL

Yes, the brilliant Republican attack ad was to put several of the Democratic party's best and brightest, who aren't really disliked at all by the public, up against George Bush's face in an ad.

I think we need a campaign to thank the Republican National Committee for this ad.

The best part is the end of the ad says something like "who do you support?"

Gee, tough question. Who do you support, the president who got us into this mess, and now is polling at 33% support in the country, or the Democrats who are saying enough is enough and challening that president. Are the Republicans sure THAT'S the question they want to spending money on promoting? Who does the public support right now, the unpopular and incompetent George Bush or the Democrats?

Again, thanks Ken. We needed that. And hey, for the next ad, maybe you can compare dems to Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay too.

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