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CT Senator Joe Lieberman is now giving Bush cover for declaring war on Iran

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Enough of this "moderate" Democrat already. This is the imbecile who thinks Iraq is going really well. Now he's trying to convince people that we not only need to go to war in Iran, but that it will only take a surgical air strike? Is he crazy? First off, from what I hear, a surgical air strike isn't enough.

1. There may very well be nuclear facilities we don't know about - an air strike won't hit those.

2. The very reason the Bush administration is talking about possibly using nukes against Iran is because, one assumes, we fear conventional weapons aren't enough to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities.

3. That means, according to defense experts I've spoken to, we're going to need to send in ground forces to scour the entire country of Iran in order to determine if we've sufficiently destroyed the nuke facilities we targeted, and to determine if there are any other nuclear facilities we didn't even know exist.

Yes, Virginia, we're going to need to launch a massive American ground invasion of Iran. Now consider a few fun facts about Iran and Iraq, from the CIA's own Web site:

Iran is three times the size of Iraq geographically
Iran: 1.6 million sq km
Iraq: 0.437 million sq km

Iran has more than twice the population of Iraq

Iran: 68 million
Iraq: 27 million

Yes, we're still at war in Afghanistan, we're still at war in Iraq, and Joe Lieberman is supporting yet another George Bush ground war in Iran, where the country is three times the size of Iraq and the population is twice the size (that means even MORE resistance than in Iraq).

And what available US military personnel are we going to use for the massive ground invasion of Iran? Uh, not clear since we really don't have any to spare - that's why our service members are going on their third tour of duty in Iraq, there is nobody else to replace them. So what exactly are George Bush and Joe Lieberman planning to use to invade Iran? Spit balls?

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