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Ken made a funny

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Republican party chair Ken Mehlman is apparently running against himself in the upcoming elections:

"If you are someone who favors small government," Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman said, "you're going to have a clear choice between someone who has cut taxes every year in office, who believes you ought to own your own health care . . . and who plans to cut the deficit over five years versus people who have consistently supported more spending, have opposed tax cuts and who oppose patients owning their own health care. The question is, who's on your side for reducing the size of government?"
Yes, Ken Mehlman promises you that the long national nightmare can soon be over. Just vote for the same people who have controlled the White House, the US House and the US Senate for the past five years, the Republicans, and next time things will be different.

Vote Republican: Last time they were just kidding.

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