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Funniest. Commercial. Ever.

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Of course, the major networks are refusing to show it because it's an ad about tolerance, it's an ad about a - shhhh! - LIBERAL church. A church that isn't all about hate and bigotry. The networks, like ABC, run ads by the hateful people like the religious right group Focus on the Family - yes, ABC had no problem running a Focus on the Family ad. But ABC and the networks won't run ads by the United Church of Christ which simply talk about their church's main message, inclusion.

If that isn't a civil rights law suit, I don't know what it. The religious right would be suing these networks for violating the civil rights act, in a flash. TV networks like ABC simply cannot pick and choose which religious groups they let advertise - religious right good, United Church of Christ bad. Where are our lawsuits?

Anyway, check out this ad. Then go to the action alert and tell ABC and the other networks to stop the war on Christians.

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