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Foreign Policy by Surprise Visits and Photo Ops

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Dropping in for a "surprise" visit doesn't get much more than a photo op, but that's what the Bush administration is all about. Just look at what's happened in Iraq since the "surprise" visit there in November 2003.

Bush's trip was a glorified ribbon cutting to open the new American embassy. He ignored the reality in Afghanistan:

The director of the Defense Intelligence Agency told Congress Tuesday that the insurgency in Afghanistan is growing and will increase this spring, presenting a greater threat to the central government's expansion of authority "than at any point since late 2001."

"Despite significant progress on the political front, the Taliban-dominated insurgency remains a capable and resilient threat," Lt. Gen. Michael D. Maples said in a statement presented to the Senate Armed Services Committee at its annual hearing on national security threats.

Appearing with Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte, Maples said attacks within Afghanistan were up 20 percent between 2004 and 2005, suicide bombings increased "almost fourfold" and use of makeshift bombs, similar to those used in Iraq, had "more than doubled."
Great. Sounds like whatever it is we created in Iraq is spreading to Afghanistan. I don't think that was the plan.

Didn't we invade Afghanistan to get Bin Laden "dead or alive"?

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