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Anti-gay "Defense of Marriage Act" overturns state domestic violence laws

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Holy crap. Ohio overturned part of its domestic violence law by passing the anti-gay and anti-gay-marriage Defense of Marriage Act.

Get the word out to every state considering one of these. The religious right's bigotry has just turned around and hurt women. That's what happens when you cave to these bigots.

From the Dayton Daily News:

County prosecutors cannot charge some unmarried people under Ohio's domestic violence law because it conflicts with the state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, this area's state appeals court ruled Friday.

The 2nd District Court of Appeals is the first of the state's 12 appellate courts to rule that the domestic violence law runs afoul of the Defense of Marriage amendment, passed by voters in 2004, and does not apply to "a person living as a spouse."

The appeals court upheld dismissal of a domestic violence charge against Karen S. Ward of Fairborn, charged with assaulting her "live-in boyfriend" in Greene County,

The ruling affects domestic violence cases in Champaign, Clark, Darke, Miami and Montgomery counties as well, Greene County First Assistant Prosecutor Suzanne Schmidt said.

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