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A week in the life of the Bush/Condi failed foreign policy agenda

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Banner week for the Secretary of State. Everything she touched --- on behalf of her hapless, clueless boss -- was a disaster. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Bush and Condi were in charge of national security when we faced the worst attack ever on American soil. They missed that despite all the warnings. Bush and Condi led us in to a war. They've screwed that up. I'm no foreign policy expert, but it's pretty clear that Bush and Condi are the architects of a failed -- and dangerous -- foreign policy:

It was probably Condoleezza Rice's unhappiest week as secretary of state, one so disappointing that it raises questions about the Bush administration's ability to shape Middle East events in the near term.

During her three days in the region, Egyptian and Saudi Arabian leaders — with Rice standing awkwardly at their side before the news media — refused to support the U.S. financial boycott of the militant group Hamas as it takes control of the Palestinian parliament.

In Iraq, sectarian violence threatened to turn into a civil war, setting back efforts by President Bush and Rice to construct a democratic government that would shine as an example for the entire area.

And a deal with the United Arab Emirates, one of America's few close Arab friends, to operate some terminals at six major U.S. ports unexpectedly ignited bipartisan anger in Congress and forced at least a delay of the transaction.
Thanks to Bush and Condi (and Cheney and Rummy and Wolfie...), the world is a much more scary place.

The sickest part is that those are the people who many Americans trusted to make them safer. They were so wrong.

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