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More Americans now think Bush broke the law by spying on us

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Hotline's Wake-up Call had a little blurb today that told us more Americans think Bush broke the law with his domestic spying program:

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows 49% of adults think Pres. Bush definitely/probably broke the law wiretapping without a court order and 47% think he did not.
Hotline is a pay service so no link. However, did find the link to the poll itself with the actual question:
Based on what you have heard or read, do you think George W. Bush – definitely broke the law, probably broke the law, probably did not break the law or definitely did not break the law?
Definitely Broke the Law 23

Probably Broke the Law 26

Probably Did Not Break the Law 24

Definitely Did Not Break the Law 23

No opinion 3
Not good numbers for the Commander-in-Chief -especially since the GOP is going to make the domestic spying scandal one of their top political issues this year.

Amazing that, despite these numbers, Congress is letting the White House shut down any investigations. The White House staffers know Bush broke the law, that's why they don't want Congress to look in to the issue. Seems like the American people get that too.

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