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Friday Squatter Blogging

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No orchids on the traveling laptop, so we're squatter blogging this evening.

I took this photo tonight at a "squatter bar" in Amsterdam. What's a squatter bar? A bar that started by a bunch of squatters taking over some land, declaring it a bar, and well, I don't quite understand the rest, but there you have it. The bar has a restaurant as well, and it's apparently quite popular (you need reservations). The beers were good and cheap (organic beer only), and they didn't have Coke (too evil corporate, I suspect), but they had some great fruit-flavored sodas for 1 euro 20.

I did ask whether anyone had ever tried to squat in the squatter bar, but I'm not sure the joke went over real well.


PS No, I didn't get high - not really my thing - but people were.

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