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Australian Network releases more Abu Gharib pictures

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Yep, it was an Australian t.v. show that got the pictures. CNN is at least reporting on that broadcast:

More grisly photographs and videos have emerged that appear to show U.S. soldiers abusing prisoners at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

The Australian television network SBS program "Dateline" broadcast the pictures and videos Wednesday night. They reportedly date from 2003 -- the same time that previously released photographs of prisoner abuse were taken.
The pictures are available at at waitingtoderail's Dailykos diary. They're graphic -- even for Australian tv:
The program did not show all of the pictures. It deemed some of them too graphic for air, Carey said.

Among the images broadcast were pictures of naked men who appeared to have suffered physical trauma, one of whom the report said had 11 nonlethal bullet wounds in his buttocks.

Other pictures show dead bodies, one of which the program said a U.S. Army report identified as one of three men killed during a riot over living conditions at the prison.
Makes you proud.

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