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Washington Post publishes bigoted anti-gay comic strip

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The Washington Post today published an incredibly anti-gay comic strip for all of Washington, DC's children to read. What a fitting close to the week we commemorate Martin Luther King's civil rights legacy to the nation.

You can view the cartoon online here as well.

In the cartoon, you have two young characters walking by a movie marquee for Brokeback Mountain. The dialogue between the two characters is as follows:

Yeesh, a kissin' cowboy movie!

Somewhere, John Wayne is weeping...

John Wayne cried?

Of course not. Buf if he did, he would...
You see, a movie about gay people is gross and very unmanly, and thus a movie that showed gay people as normal suffering human beings is something that a real American like John Wayne would be disgusted with.

And apparently the Washington Post has no problem publishing bigoted attacks against gays and lesbians because, on a page frequented by children no less, they published the cartoon.

And before we hear from the Washington Post about their wonderful freedom of speech policy, ask them why they deleted hundreds of reader responses from their blog about their horrible ombudsman who herself said she's going to stop responding to critics (which is, by the way, her job).

If the Post is all for free speech, I wonder how they'd react to a cartoon about, oh, say, Denzel Washington's movie "A Soldier's Story" - the cartoon would go something like this....
Yeesh, a black war hero movie!

Somewhere, General Patton is weeping...

General Patton cried?

Of course not. Buf if he did, he would...
When we get the answer to that question, then we'll know if the Washington Post is really for freedom of speech, or just run by a bunch of conservative bigots.

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