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Ted Kennedy set the agenda for the Alito hearings

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The Senate Judiciary Committee begins confirmation hearings today. Senator Kennedy set the stage for the hearings yesterday:

"He indicates in his job application his view about what the Constitution guarantees in terms of, for example, women and the issue on abortion," Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), the committee's most senior member, said yesterday on ABC's "This Week." "We haven't had a statement like that since Robert Bork," the outspoken conservative who was rejected for a Supreme Court seat in 1987.

Kennedy described the now-disbanded group, Concerned Alumni of Princeton, as "anti-black, anti-disabled and anti-women," but he said Alito in 1985 "took a sense of pride in belonging to" it. Alito has said recently he does not recall participating in the group. Democrats say that is an example of evasions they will aggressively challenge.
Michael provided an analysis of Alito's history in an earlier post. He has become the prototypical Bushie -- not responsible for anything he's said or done.

It's not really too dramatic to say this is the start of an extremely significant process for the country. If Alito is confirmed, Americans will lose constitutional rights. His mission is to overturn Roe, but that's just a start. He is the dream Justice for the theocrats. The question is whether people in the country understand the stakes. So far, it doesn't seem that way.

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