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Bush thinks we're "over-insured"

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Bush is preparing to address health care in the State of the Union. That won't be good. Josh Marshall explains why:

But the core premise of the policies the president is about to lay out is that Americans are over-insured when it comes to health insurance. Over-insured. Got too much insurance.

These aren't my words. These are the words used by the conservative policy-wonks who came up with the president's proposals. Just hop over to Google and start googling the phrase 'over insured' along with 'health' and 'conservative'. This what they think; and what the president thinks. It's why he's behind these ideas.

So the president thinks the problem is that people have too much health insurance. People are over-insured.
Now, maybe in the circles in which the President travels, people are over-insured. But, that's not true in most of America. If anything, we're over-insurance companied. The insurance companies suck up our time and our resources to prevent adequate health care, not deliver it.

Bush is on the side of the insurance companies. Every step he takes on health care will benefit them, not the rest of us.

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