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Bush Justice Dept demands Google give feds EVERY search made in June and July 2005 on Google

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The Justice Department claims this is to help them combat child pornography.


This is all about Homeland Security. They want Google's records so they can try to see what every single one of you typed into Google in June and July of last year. The big question is whether Google's databases show WHO typed in that information? Does Google have records, like most Web sites do, of the IP addresses of everyone who has visited? Were you signed into gmail when you did your Google search (which means they likely would know EXACTLY who you were)?

And what exactly were you googling? Did you look for any porn? Bush's Justice Department will now know. Any gay sites? Any cancer sites? Sites about depression? About AIDS? Sites about sex? Your federal government will now know. Do you like to read Republican or Democratic Web sites, and do you think it's the government's business what your politics really are? Did you ever Google anything about guns? Or how about Al Qaeda? You're about to be put into a Justice Department database, just in case your interest in any of those topics is a bit too suspect. We are at war, after all, and you can never be too safe.

You also realize that it's now possible to keep track of which Web sites were you were visiting BEFORE you came to Google, and which site you went to next. Do you really want THAT info getting to your boss, your spouse, or your government for that matter?

It's really difficult to explain not just how outrageous this is, but how outrageous everything is that this administration is now doing to systematically wipe out any remaining vestige of privacy in our country.

And again, this has nothing to do with child pornography. It has everything to do with the federal government going on a massive fishing expedition to weed out all the "sinners" in America, and all under the veil of the war on terror.

Read the Reuters story here.

Read the actual Justice Dept subpoena to Google, and Google's response, here.

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