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Biden got himself some press

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Anyone watching Joe Biden yesterday had to be wondering what his strategy was. Maybe, it was just to get himself some press...and if so he succeeded. His buffoonery made the front page of the New York Times:

The highest ratio of words per panelist to words per nominee was that of Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., Democrat of Delaware, who managed to ask five questions in his 30-minute time allotment.

"I understand, Judge, I am the only one standing between you and lunch, so I'll try to make this painless," he began, with some promise.

Mr. Biden then dived into a soliloquy on Judge Alito's failure to recuse himself from cases involving the Vanguard mutual fund company, which managed the judge's investments. After 2 minutes 50 seconds - short for the senator - Mr. Biden did appear to veer toward a question, but abandoned it to cite Judge Alito's membership in a conservative Princeton alumni group. Mr. Biden discoursed on that for a moment, then interrupted himself with an aside about his son who "ended up going to that other university, the University of Pennsylvania."
The GOP Senators seem to have a clear strategy to keep Alito out of trouble and rehabilitate him if he gets in trouble. Joe Biden doesn't have a strategy. There are only 8 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee...unfortunately, Biden can't seem to think about anything but himself.

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