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Americans overwhelmingly think Iraq will fail

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And it's not even close. Bush dragged the country into a mess that he can't live up to, only finding cheap excuses and blaming everyone else for his own failure. C'mon, Bush and his friends sold Iraq as a walk in the park and a quick hit/success and we'd all be bathing in oil. Why do Americans hate America?

Fewer than one in five, or about 19 percent, of the 1,003 adults quizzed Friday through Sunday, said they believe Iraqis can assemble a sound, democratic government in the next 12 months that is able to maintain order without the assistance of U.S. troops. Seventy-five percent said they didn't believe that would happen.
And for those looking for a pie-in-the-sky, never-never-land question:
Removing the deadline seemed to improve respondents' confidence, as 46 percent of those polled said the country would one day be able to produce a stable government. Another 46 percent said Iraq would never be capable of such a feat without U.S. assistance, and 7 percent said they had no opinion.

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