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Zogby Poll: Bush approval rating drops again to 38%

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Wow, these numbers are bad. Even the evangelicals hate him.

President Bush’s job approval rating languishes under 40%, despite an upturn in the economy and a public relations onslaught defending the role of the U.S. military in rebuilding Iraq, a new telephone poll by Zogby International shows.

Just 38% of Americans said they approve of the job the President is doing, down from 41% in a national Zogby America survey conducted last month....

Mr. Bush won re-election last year with solid support among those who live in “red” states, but 55% who live there now said he was doing only a fair or poor job. Just 31% of those living in a politically “blue” state approved of his performance in this latest survey....

He carries a 42% approval rating among married respondents, and among Catholics – another key demographic group supporting Mr. Bush last year – just 34% now approve of his leadership. Among the investor class, 43% give him a positive job rating.

“Perhaps most ominous for the President is that only 52% of self-described born-again Protestants give him a positive job performance rating,” said John Zogby, President and CEO of Zogby International.

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