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Ford to meet with gay leaders this week

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Ford is meeting with the gay groups next week, and that's good.

But topic A of those discussion needs to be the quotes from Ford spokesmen Mike Moran and Jim Cain admitting that Ford caved to the AFA. Which leads me to another thing...

Maybe we should have a contest for the first mainstream media reporter who actually gets this story correct.

Ford has admitted THREE TIMES that they dropped the gay advertising, and dropped their support for gay events (which never gets mentioned by the media), because of the pressure from the extremist group American Family Association. Ford spokesman Jim Cain admitted it once, Ford spokesman Mike Moran admitted it twice. At what point do mainstream media reporters do their homework and start reporting the facts of this story?

The Baltimore Sun let Moran lie yesterday in their story, he denied Ford's cave was linked to AFA pressure. When someone contacted the Sun to let them know that Moran lied to them, the Sun replied they probably weren't interested in any more stories on this issue.

Did you get that?

Someone informed the Baltimore Sun that their story was wrong, that a source lied to them, and that we had proof, and the Baltimore Sun said "not interested."

Do you think the media has learned anything since the Judith Miller scandal? Not a thing. Just report what sources tell you, don't do any background research on the story lest you actually find out what the lead characters in the story are actually up to, and when proof is presented to you that you're being lied to, don't make amends, just leave your readership believing the lies.

And the mainstream media wonders why their readership is dropping. From Bob Woodward's numerous lies about his cover-up of the Valerie Plame affair to the Baltimore Sun shrugging off the fact that they just published lies, it's clear that not too many media outlets today care about the truth, even when it's presented to them gift-wrapped.

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